Meditation Portraiture

(Erin O’Flynn)

On November 14th 2019 hécatombe magazine got the opportunity to do two activations with Tribeca Art +Culture Night: Collaborative Storytelling and Meditation Portraiture.

For this activation we wanted to use our multi-disciplinary approach to question what a photo booth portrait could be and do within an immersive guided mediation experience. We asked one person at a time to engage with the below five minute mediation tape in any way which felt right for them. Before and after their meditation they were asked to write how they felt on a black tag which would be hung from the ceiling near the entrance to the portrait booth area. They were then photographed mid-meditation when appearing most at ease and were able to take their Polaroid home. Please feel free to engage with this activation by reflecting how you feel before and after listening to the meditation tape below. 

In the midst of the bustling Tribeca Art + Culture Night party, participants were able to tune into the mediation tape leading them mentally out of the party, down an elevator and into a peaceful forest environment. This activation questioned what is it to know to your being photographed? What is it to be engaged with another simultaneous activity while being photographed? What is it to have your eyes closed for a portrait, when eyes are often seen as the window to the soul? What is it to be turned inward mentally, physically and emotionally while being rendered externally by a polaroid portrait? Below are a selection of the polaroid portraits and before/after tags.