Photo: Courtesy of the Library of Congress. 


hécatombe was borne out of the art collective hidden currencies. This collective has since dissolved yielding a variety of new projects that continue to carry on a beautiful energy.

This magazine comes out of a desire to see interdisciplinary communication between creators of any kind around a consistent theme.

Our publication is an open submission magazine judged by a group of anonymous creators. Candidates are judged soley by their work, and how it pertains to the theme. Each edition focuses on a consistent theme, and asks artists to submit work that fits within that theme. Once selections are made the judges are revealed and they show work in tandem with the paticipants.

The judges for this edition are Sebastian Maria, Wade Kramm, Yo-Yo Lin, and Madeline Sunley. Each of the judges were chosen due to the corrolation between their work and this edition’s theme. They deliberated and chose the artists that you are about to see, the magazine was then edited by Erin O’Flynn and Duncan Figurski.

This editions theme is helpful discomfort.

Here is how we prompted our artists to explore:

We are examining the implications of discomfort and it’s potential to inspire growth, regression, fear, and hope. Discomfort can reflect a projected incongruence of identity, fueled by the pressures of society and self. This discomfort can be at the epicenter of our dissonance from society: we now
face the question if it is the individual or the society which should be made to feel uncomfortable. If so, what is the utility of discomfort for each party?

In approaching this topic and examining your work please consider:

How discomfort helps you?

How do people benefit from each other’s discomfort?

Who do you want to see uncomfortable?

Where do you want to be uncomfortable?